Highly Recommended

Kerron Cheddie

If you are looking for that one guy that can bring your dead laptop back to life you’ve found him. Mr. Cheddie is a specialist when it comes to micro soldering and repairing most motherboard and circuit board issues. He solved some of the most complex hardware issues quickly and efficiently and comes highly recommended as one of our top affiliates.

Some of his other areas of expertise include: 

  • Dead Laptop Mainboard Repairs.
  • Disassemble and troubleshoot any computer device.
  • Build high end computers for use in Linux clusters.
  • Administer and support LAN equipment, users and applications.
  • Works on any model of machine.
  • Configure Janus readers and RF control boards for optimum performance.
  • Remove memories from hard drives; perform initial stages of refurbishment.
  • Provide hardware support for the POS system including staging store registers.

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